What’s TVML

TVML (TV program Making Language) is a text-based language that can describe all the necessary elements for a TV program production. TVML Player is the software that can interpret the script written in TVML and generate a TV program in real time. This language enables the user to create a TV program on a desktop simply using text-based script.

TVML Player contains the following functions for TV program production.

  • Studio shot using CG characters with synthesized voices, CG studio set with various CG props and CG camera work.
  • Drawing and Superimposing (text and image layout)
  • Movie file playing
  • Sound file playing as BGM and sound effects
TVML Player
TVML Player reads a TVML script and generates a CG animation in real time.

The following versions are now available.

Main features

  • You can specify a TVML text file in the file selection menu and play back the script.
  • TVML sample scripts are included.
  • You can edit the TVML script by your ordinary text editor.
  • CG characters, sets and props are included to the application as built-in. You can select from those but cannot add your own. If you want to add your own things contact us.
  • Image files (jpg) and audio files (wav) can be used by specifying the file path in a TVML script.